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6 x Estrella Galicia Beer

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  • 6 bottles of Estrella Galicia.
  • Bright golden beer that starts from a selection of especially bitter malts and hops and its cooking, fermentation and maturation process takes place over more than 20 days. This makes Estrella Galicia Especial beer in the bottle have a pleasant and characteristic hoppy flavour.
  • Made from a specific must, in the only Hijos de Rivera production centre, in A Coruña. The Brewery Masters use in the manufacture of Estrella Galicia Especial (33 cl. Tin) approximately one month of work, 50% of which is dedicated to cold storage.
  • Aroma Reminiscent of barley and the malt from which it comes, with toasted notes and evocations of dried fruits.
  • Bright golden colour.
  • On the palate, it is neutral and light, with a very marked hint of hop flavour.
  • Serving temperature 4-5ºC.