How can I contact you?

We would love to hear from you! Please contact us on the email info@missingspain.com or by WhatsApp to the number +65 8303 8736 if you have any comments, suggestions, queries or issues with your order. Let us know if there is a certain grocery item that you’ve always wanted from Spain, we’re happy to look for it and bring it here for you!

Do you have any physical stores?

Yes we do, you can buy our products at Tapas Club Orchard Central.

What are your delivery times?

We offer delivery every day between 1-4PM.
For gifts we offer next day delivery for orders placed before 6PM, please contact us so we can make it happen!

What time can we pick-up our order?

If you chose Pick-Up at Tapas Club, we will email you when your order is ready for pick-up. For the collection, visit us at Orchard Central from 12 nn to 7 pm.  Don’t forget to bring your email confirmation order.

What are your delivery fees?

Delivery is FREE for orders above $150 (after any discount)!
Orders below $150 (after any discount) require a delivery fee of $9.50

Am I able to do self-collection?

Absolutely, drop by and save the delivery fee 😊. You can collect your order at Tapas Club Orchard Central. Please make sure to check when your order will be ready before going.

Will your delivery person contact me when he/she arrives?

Our delivery person will only give you a call, in case he arrives during the allotted time and no one is home.

Will your delivery person leave my order at my door if no one is at home?

Our delivery person will give you a call when he arrives and if no one is home, we will ask permission to leave the order outside your door. If permission is not granted or if you cannot be reached, we will take it back and arrange for a next day redelivery at an additional cost of $9.50.

Can I get my neighbour to receive my order?

Yes you can, as long as they can provide us with the order number.
What kind of payment do you accept?
You can pay with your Visa or Mastercard.
You can also usePayNow! You can select this option upon checkout and follow the instructions.

Will you refund us if there’s an out-of-stock item?

Yes, we will notify you via email, and it will be reflected on your next month’s credit card statement.

Can I change or cancel my order?

Unfortunately, you cannot change or cancel items that are pre-ordered in advance. Do contact us if it is extremely important that you amend your order, and we will try our best to help you on a case-by-case basis.

How do I check on the status of my order?

Once you have checked out and made payment on our website, your order will be automatically processed. If there are any changes in order status on our end, we will contact you via the contact details that you have provided.

Oops!  There are missing items from my order.

Please contact us immediately on the day of delivery with your order number and we will investigate and fix the situation within the next business day. Reach out to us now at info@missingspain.com.

I have received my order but there is some spoilage/wrong item.

Please contact us immediately on the day of delivery with your order number, and in the case of the spoilt item, an accompanying image. We will investigate and fix the situation within the next business day. Reach out to us now at info@missingspain.com.

My order did not arrive.

Contact us immediately on the day of delivery and we will fix the issue by the next delivery day. Reach out to us now at info@missingspain.com.

I have feedback about my delivery driver.

We appreciate and value all feedback! Please drop us your comments at info@missingspain.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Corporate Gifts MS


We can customize gift boxes to your needs as long as the items can fit and ship safely in our gift boxes.


Show you care with a gift box of delicious foods from Spain!

Concierge Service

Our team will take care of you every step of the way to make sure your gifts arrive on time and beautifully packaged.


We can include inserts or company merchandise with your gifts.

Multiple Recipients

We will just need your recipient list and we can take care of it from there.

Shipping and Arrival Times

We will work with you to make sure shipments arrive when you want them to, and we will provide tracking numbers so that you know they arrived safely. 

Please inquire about customization or corporate gifts at info@missingspain.com